Giving back

My way to help you: “TIME TO DREAM SPARKLE AND SHINE” 

Most of us have to stay home for a little while with severe social distancing and you feel like your mind is going to explode! 

Time to Dance!

If you are working from home, remember you need to integrate breaks and don’t get stuck watching the news – this is not a break for your brain! 

The best way to give a break to your body, brain and soul is to move, bring this love energy up and feel the magic. 

Let’s dive into your favourite tunes – join people from around the world and boost your happiness by raising endorphins, burn some calories, enhance your creative thinking and improve your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing by reducing stress when dancing! 

This is why I am setting up daily Monday to Friday 10 minutes of free-dancing at 10.20 am GMT – it’s about 2 songs – ANYONE IS WELCOME (Men/Women/Kids) – you don’t need to know how to dance!

The best thing you can do now is to bookmark the Zoom link, and to set a reminder on your calendar so you do not miss the dance time 🙂

Add your favourite tracks below and it will be added to the Spotify playlist: 

How to connect – 5 easy steps

  1. Download Zoom here (on phone or computer)
  2. The meet up on Zoom will start 5 minutes before (10.15 GMT) so you can get ready with the music.
  3. Every day I will be sharing links of the 2 songs I will play for you to play at home – Via Spotify or Youtube (you can also choose your own tracks) – the links will appear in the CHAT once you’ve joined the meet up on Zoom.
  4. Once you’ve joined you will be on mute – For more fun turn on your video so we can see you otherwise make sure you have a great name (i.e: Dancing Queen, The wild dancer) 🙂
  5. Put the volume up from your speakers or headphones (no sounds will come from my side, we are all mute) – and let’s free flow dance for 10 minutes to shake our energy and boost those happy hormones!

Please note: Sometimes the connection might not be great – but don’t stop dancing!