About me

Hey! i am elodie,

I am on a mission to help women to become extraordinary leaders and create a world-class business and life.

As an entrepreneur, marketer, brain-based coach and an unshakable optimist, I am dedicated in helping you embody your true feminine powers, by establishing a strong connection of who you are as a woman so you can become an effective leader.

Being a trained brain-based coach with the Neuroleadership Institute, I work with communication and engagement techniques, based from research carried out by highly respected neuroscientists. I use tools that incorporate key learnings from research and ensure improvement on a person’s thinking in a brain friendly way and create changes that last.

I’ve spent over fifteen years leading Marketing teams within International environments and working for various industries from financial services to education, entertainment, luxury fashion and tourism. My experience and expertise led me to become a brand expert.

Helping you achieve your goals, stepping fully into your purpose, embracing your gifts and ultimately become who you are truly meant to be, is something I am passionate about.